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The City of Winter Springs is an Equal Opportunity Employer/M-F/VP/D/M. To apply, please complete a City of Winter Springs application and a resume (if available). All positions are regular full-time unless otherwise noted.

Qualified individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply and may be reasonably accomodated.

As part of our commitment to a Drug-Free Workplace, a job applicant is offered employment conditional upon successfully passing a drug test. Refusal to take the test, or failure to pass the test according to minimum standards, is cause for disqualification. If you become employed with the City, you may be required to again submit to a drug test as requested. Your refusal or failure to pass the test to minimum standards will result in your termination.

Opportunities (select from list below)

Operator- Wastewater Plant
FLSA Status: Full Time Non Exempt Starting Rate: $39,000-$52,516.05 *************************************************** GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Technical work in the operation and maintenance of a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Work is performed under the general supervision of Lead Wastewater Plant Operator. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Assists in operation of waste water treatment facilities and maintenance thereof including taking samples, testing and supervising the running of tests. 2.Performs maintenance and repair of equipment, gauges, controllers, pumps. 3.Performs general housekeeping duties and grounds maintenance. 4.Helps to correct malfunctions. 5.Supervises subordinate trainees and other personnel. 6.Assists in the training of personnel. 7.Checks records and reports. Drives a vehicle. (These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related mar ginal duties as required.) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: -Knowledge of waste water treatment plant operations, policies, procedures and methods. -Knowledge of math and chemistry. -Ability to work rotating shifts. -Ability to make and maintain records and reports. -Ability to supervise the work of subordinates. -Good mechanical skills. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High school graduate or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma. One (1) year as a Plant Operator. (A comparable amount of training, education or experience can be substituted for the minimum qualifications.) LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: Valid Florida Driver's License. Class "C" Operators Certificate (Waste Water) as issued by State of Florida. ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: -Acceptable eyesight (with or without correction) -Acceptable hearing (with or without hearing aid) -Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. -Moderate (15 to 44 pou nds) lifting and carrying -Climbing -Depth perception -Distinguish colors -Walking -Smelling -Driving ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: -Works inside -Works outside in various weather conditions with: noise, chemicals, electrical energy or radiant energy, odors -Slippery surfaces -Uneven surfaces -Vibrations (Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.)
Team Leader- Stormwater
FLSA Status: Full Time Non Exempt Starting Rate: $31,286-$47,633 *************************************************** GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Supervisory work in the maintenance and repair of all work associated with the functions of the Public Works Department including, streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter, right-of-ways, facilities, grounds, and drainage. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Assigns, allocate s, supervises and participates in the tasks and work of the personnel engaged in the repair, rework and maintenance of the Public Works system. 2.Schedules and coordinates the daily activities of field personnel as needed for routine work load, special projects, emergencies, or as directed by supervisor. 3.Maintains established departmental and general safety policy procedures through routine inspection, reporting and training. 4.Operates and maintains assigned motor vehicle, will oper ate equipment as need arises. 5.Responsible for multiple jobsite logistics and operations, traffic controls, discipline and safety. 6.Assists with field coordination of departmental and inter-department activities when required. 7.Communicate and respond to homeowner complaints and problems through field and contact or supervisory personnel. 8.Prepare field reports, records and logs. (These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties per formed. Employees will be required to perform other job related marginal duties as required.) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: -Thorough knowledge of Public Works methods, operating rules, maintenance, construction and equipment. -Knowledge of occupational safety and hazard standards associated with infrastructure work. -Ability to supervise, direct and leads crews in all aspects of department functions. -Ability to maintain an effective working relationship with the public and staff. -Ability to keep accurate records and reports. -Skill in communicating effectively verbally and written. -Skill in use of hand and power tools. -Ability to do manual work under various weather conditions. -Skill in operating light to heavy equipment. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School graduate or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma Seven (7) years experience in performing maintenance and construction of infrastructure work associated with th e activities of a Public Works Department. (A comparable amount of training, education or experience can be substituted for the minimum qualifications.) LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: Possession of a Valid Class "B" Commercial Florida Drivers License Ability to obtain Public Health Pesticide Applicators License, if required ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: -Heavy (50 pounds and over) lifting and carrying. -Ability to communicate both orally and written. -Acceptable eyesight (with or without correction) -Acceptable hearing (with or without hearing aid) -Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. -Walking -Standing -Kneeling -Pushing -Pulling -Bending -Stooping -Driving ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: -Works inside and outside in various weather conditions with: dust, fumes and chemicals. -Works with hazardous power tools. -Uneven surfaces. -Below ground level. -In, around or with moving vehicles. -In confined spaces. (Reasonabl e accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.)
Police Officer I- Priv 1st Class
FLSA Status: Full Time Non Exempt Salary Range: $40,000 - $64,000 Pay Grade: P8 ************************************************************************* LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: - Florida Law Enforcement Certification. - Possession of a valid Florida Driver's License. All employees will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment background and drug screen. GENERAL DESCRIPTION:General duty police work in the protection of life and property through the enf orcement of laws and ordinances. Work is performed under the supervision of a superior officer. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Effect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdue resisting suspects using maneuvers and weapons and resort to the use of hands and feet, and other approved weapons in self-defense. 2. Prepare investigative and other reports, including sketches, using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations. 3. Exercise inde pendent judgment in determining when there is reasonable suspicion to detain, when probable cause exists to search and arrest and when force may be used and to what degree. 4. Operate a law enforcement vehicle during both the day and night; in emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, and rain. 5. Communicate effectively and coherently over law enforcement radio channels while i nitiating and responding to radio communications. 6. Gather information in criminal investigations by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informers. 7. Pursue fleeing suspects and perform rescue operations which may in-volve quickly entering and exiting law enforcement patrol vehicles; lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects; climbing over and pulling up oneself over obstacles; jumping down from elevated surfaces; climbing through openings; jumping over obstacles, ditches and streams; crawling in confined areas; balancing on uneven or narrow surfaces and using body force to gain entrance through barriers. 8. Load, unload, aim and fire from a variety of body positions: hand-guns, shotguns and other agency firearms under conditions of stress that justify the use of deadly force and at levels of proficiency prescribed in certification standards. 9. Conduct visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time. 10. Demonstrate communication skills in court and other formal settings. 11. Perform searches of people, vehicles, buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve feeling and detecting objects, walking for long periods of time, detaining people and stopping suspicious vehicles and persons. 12. Engage in law enforcement patrol functions that include such things as working rotating shifts, walking on foot patrol and physically checking the doors and windows of buildings to ensure they a re secure. 13. Effectively communicate with people, including juveniles, by giving information and directions, mediating disputes and advising of rights and processes. 14. Detect and collect evidence and substances that provide the basis of criminal offenses and infractions and that indicate the presence of dangerous conditions. 15. Endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of suspects and other people encountered in an antagonis¬tic environment. 16. Perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include directing traffic for long periods of time, administering emergency medical aid, lifting, dragging and carrying people away from dangerous situations and securing and evacuating people from particular areas. 17. Process and transport prisoners using handcuffs and other appropriate restraints. 18. Put on an operate a gas mask in situations where chemical munitions are being deployed. 19. Extinguish small fires by using a fire extinguisher and other appropriate means. 20. Read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents, including the preparation and processing of such documents as citations, affidavits and warrants 21. Process arrests suspects to include taking their photographs and obtaining a legible set of inked fingerprint impressions. 22. When designated, trains, cares for, and uses a K-9 dog in patrol and other assignments. 23. Patrols areas of the City by: car, on foot, motor cycle, or bicycle.. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: - High school graduate or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma. - Completion of the Minimum Standards courses as set forth by the Florida Police Standards Council. These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related marginal duties as required.
Business Analyst
FLSA Status: Full Time Non-Exempt Hourly Range: $16.58-$25.25 *************************************************************************** GENERAL DESCRIPTION : The position will provide strategic insight across the business unit to which it is assigned. This is a strategic role which will require reporting and analyzing information utilizing accounting and finance principles. This position also requires the ability to see the value in the information and inspire others in the department to effectively use the information. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: •Various accounting responsibilities, including, but not limited to, assisting in the documentation for monies coming into the department. •Reconciliation of various accounts, as assigned, analyzing account information and preparation of monthly schedules reporting the activity and identifying any reconciling items. Evaluate and correct any reconciling items as needed. •Analyzes financial information detailing revenues and other trends affecting revenues, and prepares reports to summarize and interpret current and projected revenues. •Monthly reporting and report productions, modeling, and analysis. •Research and responsive to department inquiries. •Investigate and report any inconsistencies or improprieties within the department. •Manage purchasing and requisition process to ensure compliance with department and City policy. •Researches and creates purchase orders, invoices, and work orders in line with City proce dure and departmental budget •Prepare financial reports, charts, tables and other exhibits as requested. •Responsible for performing special projects to improve process efficiency and performance as assigned by Supervisor. •Demonstrate appropriate understanding / working knowledge of accounting principles and internal controls, and apply them. •Identify non-value added processes within the department and seeks solutions. •Provide timely, relevant and accurate reporting & analysis of the res ults of the division’s performance against historical, budgeted, forecasted and strategic planning results to facilitate decision-making toward the achievement of the budget and strategic plan. •Reviews, investigates and corrects errors and inconsistencies in financial entries, documents, and reports. •Responds promptly to internal & external customer needs. (These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related marginal duties as required.) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: •Must have extremely strong Microsoft Excel skills •Professionalism and a high level of discretion are required •Strong work ethic with a positive, can-do attitude •Independent worker and analytical thinker with ability to conduct research, data analysis and resolve complex problems •Ability to see the big picture while helping to implement procedural change. •Knowledge of accounting principles and their application to a variety of accounting transactions and problems on a daily basis. •Ability to make complex and varied arithmetic computations and tabulations rapidly and accurately. Collects and researches data; Uses intuition and experience to complement data. •Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; Applies feedback to improve performance; Monitors own work to ensure quality. Completes work in timely manner; Str ives to increase productivity. •Adapts to changes in the work environment; Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events. •Follows instructions, responds to management direction; Takes responsibility for own actions; Keeps commitments; Commits to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals •Completes tasks on time or notifies appropriate person with an alternate plan. •Displays original thinking and creativity; Meets challenges with resourcefulness; Generates suggestio ns for improving work; Develops innovative approaches and ideas; Presents ideas and information in a manner that gets others' attention. •Undertakes self-development activities; Seeks increased responsibilities; Measures self against standard of excellence; Takes independent actions and calculated risks; Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities; Asks for and offers help when needed. •Approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and conside ration regardless of their status or position; Accepts responsibility for own actions; Follows through on commitments; Works with integrity. •Is consistently at work and on time; Arrives at meetings and appointments on time. •Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. •Knowledge of general office procedures and practices including typing, 10 key skills and other office equipment. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Four year degree in Accounting/Finance/Business Administra tion (or related field) with two (2) years of experience in General Accounting (or related field), or a two (2) year degree in Accounting/Finance/Business Administration (or related field) with four (4) years of experience in General Accounting (or related field). A comparable amount of training, education or experience may, in limited circumstances, be substituted for the minimum qualifications. LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: None. ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: -Ability to access file cabinets for filing and retrieval of data. -Ability to access, input and retrieve information from a computer. -Walking, standing, constant sitting. -Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. -Ability to view a display screen for extended periods of time. (Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.)
Supervisor- Parks
FLSA Status: Full Time Non-Exempt Hourly Range- $21.16-$32.22 *************************************************************************** GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A highly responsible managerial position for administration of the parks division. Performs professional work in planning, development, coordination, supervision, and management of the City’s parks and facilities. Plans, coordinates and supervises the development, construction and maintenance of public parks, lands and related publ ic recreational facilities. Develops long-range plans for division growth and development to meet the needs of a growing community. Supervises and reviews the work of subordinate supervisors and subordinate non-supervisory employees. Reports to the Director of Parks and Recreation. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Plans, coordinates and supervises the operations and personnel for the Parks division, ensuring compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and standards of quality and safety. 2. Develops and enforces department policies and procedures. 3.Manages the daily operations of subordinate supervisory personnel; assigns workloads and establishes work schedules; directs and supervises duties of assigned staff. Supervisory duties include, assigning, reviewing and planning work, maintaining City & Department standards, coordinating activities, allocating personnel, recommending the selection of new employees, acting on employee and customer concerns, rec ommending employee transfers, promotions and discipline. 4.Oversees the development and maintenance of public parks, land and facilities, ensuring compliance with all applicable codes, laws, policies, industry standards and safety. 5.Prepares and implements work/service orders. 6.Administers and evaluates the Department safety program; Oversees the process of playground, athletic fields, facilities inspections and subsequent repairs. 7.Oversees maintenance schedules and the purchases of sup plies. 8.Reviews the work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy; evaluates and makes recommendations as appropriate; offers direction and assistance as needed. 9.Oversees the maintenance and repair at non-leisure City facilities as assigned. 10.Assists Director in developing department goals, objectives and long-range strategic plans to mirror City goals and meet the Parks needs of the community. 11.Prepares and maintains parks division budgets; monitors expenditures, makes necessary adjustments and recommendations. 12.Manage and reviews approved contracts, agreements, check requests, community proposals, bid specifications, blueprints, etc. for parks projects. 13.Responds quickly to inquires, concerns and complaints of citizens regarding department programs, policies or personnel. 14.Attendance at applicable community meetings, functions and special events. 15.Performs general administrative/office duties as required, including conducting and attending meetings, prepar ing reports and correspondence, etc. 16.Keeps abreast of trends and issues in parks and recreation by reading professional publications and attending conferences, workshops, to maintain professional development. 17.Reviews and manages purchase orders, budget documents, blueprints, bid specifications, incident/accident reports, memos, correspondence, etc. for parks operations. 18.Knowledge and operation of a vehicle and a variety of office equipment such as a computer, printer, calculator, cop ier, fax machine, telephone, sound system, etc. 19.Conduct business and professional relationships with various groups and individuals such as City Department Heads, Supervisors, and other personnel, subordinates, sales representatives, business owners, community leaders/civic organizations, community organizations, customers, elected officials, consultants, contractors, various government agencies, Advisory Board members, news media and the general public. 20.Supervises Parks improvement proj ects, including concept, specification, budget, and bid document development; assists in permitting; construction; public bid opening, etc. 21.Coordinates activities with those of other City departments and divisions and outside organizations as necessary. 22.Provides recommendations regarding irrigation installation, location and maintenance and landscape/horticultural activities. (These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. E mployees will be required to perform other job related marginal duties as required.) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the fundamentals of parks, types of material, equipment and facilities needed to carry out planned projects. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community. Ability to effectively present information to top management and public groups. Ability to d efine & solve problems, collects data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Manage operations, planning, organizing, and implementing facilities and projects. Skill in computers and public speaking. Must possess good leadership, teamwork, fiscal responsibility, safety, excellence, and customer service. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High school graduate or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma supplemented by a four-year degree in Recreation or Management relat ed field. Three (3) years working as a Parks Coordinator or Supervisor or related field in planning, organizing and implementing recreational, cultural and social events for the general public. (A comparable amount of training, education or experience may be substituted, in limited circumstances, for the minimum qualifications.) LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: Valid Florida Drivers License. ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: -Acceptable eyesight (with or without corr ection) -Acceptable hearing (with or without hearing aid) -Ability to communicate both orally and in writing -Pushing -Walking -Standing -Kneeling -Bending -Stooping -Driving -Light to heavy (15 to over 50 pounds) lifting and carrying ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: -Works inside -Works out-of-doors in various weather conditions. -Working in or with moving objects, vehicles or power tools.
Park Ranger ALL- 7200
FLSA Status: Part Time Non-Exempt Pay Grade: 18 Starting Rate: $10.69 per hour Hourly Range: $10.69-$16.27 *************************************************************************** GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Parks operations and maintenance of assigned park duties and/or supervision/security of visitors at Trotwood Park, Central Winds Park and other City facilities/parks. Works under the general direction of the Program Coordinator & Recreation Supervisor. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Conduct patrols of Central Winds Park, Trotwood Park to insure visitor safety, permit verification, observe suspicious persons, hazardous conditions, detour depreciative behavior of visitors and report any significant activity to the appropriate agency. 2.Enforce parks ordinance (2012-02), administrative rules and guidelines for all youth sports activities for use of park during posted hours. 3.Clean, Open, Monitor, and Close the Splash Playground at Trotwood Park and Torcaso Park during ope rational hours and as needed for special events, & holidays. 4.Conduct interpretive tours within the park utilizing ecological knowledge and terms to present a comprehensive, understandable program for the public. 5.Provide information to the public regarding programs and special events, the natural environment, environmental pollution, resources protection, handle visitor complaints, fill out incident reports, collect and report all user fees where applicable. Communicate over hand-held radi os or cell phones. 6.Provide basic first aid services or contact emergency services for visitors. 7.Construct and maintain various types of media tools (bulletin boards, signage, displays, exhibits and pamphlet racks to inform the public of hazards, rules, upcoming events, and educational programs). 8.Construct and maintain roadway paths & trails throughout the parks. Provide traffic control; along roads/paths as needed for operations and special events. 9.Operate various duty stations throu ghout the park. Includes, but not limited to trashing, restroom & parks maintenance (including picking up trash, animal remains and/or fish bones), minor electrical, painting, carpentry and irrigation work/repairs. 10.Install/remove plants within the park as per permit requires for aesthetics. Remove trees, braches, chipping, pull stumps, clear brush, trim branches, debris cleanup and environmental management. 11.Drive any and all vehicle(s) when needed. 12.Perform Ball Fields & Sports Field Maintenance to compliment turf management programs as needed. 13.Performs other duties as assigned or as may be necessary. (These essential job functions are not to be constructed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job related marginal duties as required.) EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Associates degree in Parks & Recreation, Leisure Services or related field. (A comparable amount of training, education or experience can be s ubstituted for the minimum qualifications.) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: •One (1) year professional experience in a customer service environment OR one year of college courses with at least six (6) semester hours of course related to parks & recreation, natural history, leisure services or natural resource management. •Valid driver’s license. Six (6) months experience in electrical, plumbing, irrigation & carpentry trades. •Ability to relate to the public in a manner conducive to maintaining and enhancing the image and reputation of the City. •Ability to prepare reports, maintain records, express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and writing. •Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, subordinates, other departments, community groups and the general public. •Skills in basic computer operation LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATIONS: Must possess and maintain a valid Florida Driver's License Des ired Qualification - Florida State Park Ranger Academy Certification Volunteer 20 hours annually at Wekiwa Springs State Park ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: - Heavy (45 pounds + or -) lifting and carrying - Acceptable eyesight (with or without correction) - Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. - Acceptable hearing (with or without hearing aid) - Walking - Standing - Kneeling - Bending - Driving - Operating concession equipment - Stooping WORKING CONDITIONS: -Requ ired regular working hours are Weekdays, Nights, Weekends and Holidays. Works inside and outside during all weather. Special events as needed. Hours will vary. (Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.)
Camp Counselor ALL- Part Time
FLSA Status: Part Time, hourly; non-exempt Starting Rate: $8.51-$11.55 hourly *************************************************** SUMMARY: Performs responsible work in the coordination and supervision of summer recreation programs and activities. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Summer Camp Leader and Program Coordinator. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. •Conducts and supervises summer recreation pro grams, including arts and crafts, playground sports and games, and social recreational activities. •Supervises activities and programs at Camp designated sites. •Conducts programs in an orderly fashion, maintaining discipline and good conduct from the camp participants. •Enforces safety and other rules and regulations; prepares reports on activities and programs; maintains responsibility for materials, supplies, and equipment used for programs. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION and /or EXPERIENCE: Must have a High School Diploma or GED. Experience working with youth recreational programs a plus.. LANGUAGE SKILLS: Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, program objectives, operating instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to prepare records and reports and to submit them in a timely manner. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Valid Florida driver's license. Certif ication in CPR and First Aid. OTHER SKILLS and ABILITIES: Ability to adhere to program standards and objectives outlined by supervisor; ability to lead and instruct groups in games, sports, arts and crafts, and other recreational activities; ability to deal effectively with the public. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to frequently stand, walk, reach with hands and arms; and talk and hear. The employee is occasionally requi red to climb or balance and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds. Must have acceptable eyesight and hearing with or without correction. WORK ENVIRONMENT: While performing the duties of this job, the employee routinely works in outside weather conditions. The noise level in the work environment is usually loud. Required education: •High school or equivalent